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8 Ways To Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Everyone wants luxury feeling at home. Luxury doesn't necessarily mean a lot of money investing. Its careful choice of products, the styling, the smell, the simple part of design, may also be.

1. Fix Your Colour Palette

The best way to make your look luxurious is by using a cohesive colour palette. The rule of three colours is still to follow, think of 3 base colours, for example pearled ivory, brown, beige. Tints and shades of same colour family should be used in order to maintain consistency.

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2. Add Metallic Pieces

Don't overdo decoration by using too many metallic objects such as in brass, chrome etc. Add few decorative elements with the same finish to your room and keep it elegant. Example, Metal vase, chandelier, other decorative objects, etc

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3. Upgrade Your Lampshades

Update your lampshades to something straightforward, sleek to look luxurious right away. There are some possibilities below.

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4. Update Your Bedding

Luxury also means a feeling of comfort. Updating the bedding is a simple way to do this. The key word is "comforter." Look for a thick and fluffy comforter that will not only provide you with a good night's sleep but will also add an exquisite touch to your bedding. Also, don't forget to style your bed with combination of pillows, it looks welcoming.

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5. Create Focal Point

By adding high-contrast pieces to your house, you will create a visual delight. The colour, or complementary styles like pairing modern light with an antique mobilisation, combining modern and contemporary furniture, can be applied as a high contrast. Also, combining the two distinct styles of design, while ensuring that they go well together. In interior design, the focus between materials and colours is often wanted to create a tension, a depth and a dimension to create a luxurious space.

Picture Credit: Pinterest

6. Go Simple

When in doubt, go simple. When you're going for something very simple in design, it makes your home look luxurious in comparison to something very busy. It naturally gives you a sense of peace when you keep things simple.

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7. Make your home smell GOOD

when you walk into a room the first thing you will notice about a room is the smell !! this can be achieved in a couple of ways like with scented candles, sprays or oil diffusers.

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8. Invest In Everyday Pieces

Invest in pieces which you use daily like couch, faucets, handles, etc. in order to uplift the other objects around them. you don't have to buy expensive items to achieve the luxurious look; it's all about styling and combining the right objects that create design magic.

Picture Credit: Pinterest

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